How long is the Promotion running? 

The promotion is open to participants who purchase a qualifying product between 1st October 2023 and 31st December 2023.

If you have purchased a qualifying model from 3rd September 2023 onwards you can submit a claim but this must be registered within 28 days of your invoice date, for example, a qualifying product purchased on 3rd September 2023 must be claimed for on 1st October 2023.

Who is the promotion open to?

This promotion is open to applicants, aged over 18, who make a Qualifying Purchase (“Eligible Customers”) from a UK reseller. A valid UK postal address must be provided.

Delivery of any promotional product offered free of charge as part of this offer is only applicable for delivery within the UK (please ensure that a valid UK postal address in included for any claim application).

Applications for redemption products to be delivered outside of the UK cannot be accepted as part of this offer.

What do I need to provide to claim my free gift?  

Purchase a qualifying product within the promotional period and submit a claim on this website within 28 days from Purchase. 

Complete the claim form providing the following details:

Please make sure all documents and images uploaded are clear and in focus with the details clearly legible. 

How do I claim my Free Gift?

Purchase a qualifying product within the promotional period and submit a claim on this website within 28 days from the date of purchase.

Complete the claim form providing the following details:

Please make sure all documents and images uploaded are clear and in focus with the details clearly legible.

How long do I have to make a claim for the Free Gift?

Claims for Free Gifts must be redeemed within 28-days of making a Qualifying Purchase, after which the offer will expire.

What are the Free Gifts I can receive?

Depending on the product you have purchased certain Free Gifts apply, please refer to the table in the Terms and check for your Model Number for the corresponding Free Gift.

Only listed models will qualify for the redemption offer.

Are Body Only models and Dealer Kits included?

Body only models with Z or DZ or GZ suffix are not applicable / do not qualify for redemption claims and do not qualify for a Free Gift.

Dealer Kits/ Dealer made in-house kits are not applicable and do not qualify for a Free Gift.

Body only models with dealer supplied extras are also excluded.

Please ensure your model and corresponding model number is listed in the Terms and Conditions.

What are Body Only Models?

Body Only models are products that do not include a battery and have a Z or DZ suffix on the model number.

What is a Dealer Kit?

A dealer made in-house kit is when the supplier puts together the model/kit you are purchasing and it has not been supplied in whole by Makita (UK) Limited directly.

Please check with your supplier before making your purchase to ensure your model is not a dealer made kit.

Where do I find the model number with EAN barcode on my product packaging?

There is a sticker on the product packaging that shows the model number along with an EAN barcode. Please refer to the example images.

Image showing model and ean

Where do I find the serial number on my product?

Please see the examples below of where you can find your product serial number on the white label beneath the part number:

Image showing product plate

What is the serial number and where do I find it?

The serial number is located on the while label beneath the product part number and is eight digits long. For example:


Please see the image below which shows a serial number on a product.

Image showing product plate

Image showing product plate

I have completed my claim online, but I am still waiting for my Free Gift. When will I receive it?

You will have received an email containing the outcome of your claim. If your claim was valid, the Free Gift will be dispatched after 30 days from validation have passed, and no later than 35 days, so any product returns can be accounted for.

If any claim is made and the purchased Qualifying Product was then returned to the seller, a legal instruction will be issued for the Free Gift item to be returned to Metrisk or Makita UK Ltd. It would be the responsibility of the claimant to cover the cost of any return shipment and to return any item within 14-days.

Will I receive notification when my Free Gift has been dispatched?

Yes, you will receive email notification of delivery date via the email address you provided on the claim.

Can I change my Free Gift?

Unfortunately, we are unable to change the Free Gift once selected, please make sure you select the correct item when you submit a claim.

I don’t have access to a computer - can I still enter this promotion?

Yes, as long as you have access to the internet, you can enter the promotion via a tablet or mobile phone.

I have already claimed one Free Gift, can I claim another one in this promotion?

Yes, as long as you purchase another qualifying product and submit a new claim with the details provided, you can claim another Free Gift.

Is there a cash alternative to the gifts on offer?

No, only those items listed in the Terms & Conditions can be claimed in this promotion.

I purchased one of the qualifying products, but I have lost my proof of purchase. Can I still claim my Free Gift?

Unfortunately to claim the Free Gift, the original till receipt or invoice is required to prove purchase of the qualifying product, during the promotion term, please contact the supplying dealer you purchased from for a replacement copy.

I have a query with regards to a claim, who can I contact?

Please contact the Makita Promotional Support team helpline on 0113 531 2954 or send an email to [email protected] with your query.